The Government that Can’t be Questioned!

Posted on April 26, 2020

One of the things I find most alarming about the coronavirus, is not so much how the government are dealing with it now. It is more of a case that ordinary people, Joe Public, the man on the street, or whatever you want to call them, think the government should not be questioned.

The last time I checked, the common consensus in a democracy is that you need a strong opposition. A government of any colour needs to be taken to task to ensure they are behaving in the best interests of the public.

If those questions are answered, they have done their job. This is what parliament is for. MP’s of the ruling party make policy and the opposition interrogates it. This is to ensure there are no aspects of self interest or interference that may influence MP’s making policy.

Without that, we are not a democracy.

The 35% Voter Base

My concern is that around 35% of the voting base do not believe in democracy. If they were told that the Labour Party, or any other opposition party for that matter, were to be made illegal and we would be a one-party state, they would take it.

It sounds crazy, but you only have to scroll through social media to see it. What makes it even more wonky, is that they want to give up democracy to the people who have been robbing the country blind for the last decade. The current Tory party is stuffed to the hilt with tax dodgers.

Historically, what would be a one-party attraction to the masses would be a socialist revolution. This involves overthrowing the aristocracy and taking land and wealth back from those who have been perceived as nicking it for themselves.

Not in Britain. We have the bizarre situation where those who have little, are feverishly supporting those who have it all. People who the likes of Jacob Rees Mogg, Iain Duncan-Smith and Boris Johnson would not be seen dead near, are their biggest supporters.

Why is that?

What is it in the British mindset that thinks the opposition parties who represent equality, are somehow the evil ones?  Maybe it goes back to the Cold War and the fear of the kind of Communism that collapsed the Soviet Union?

The British DNA

Maybe it is in the British DNA to be entrenched in serfdom. Is it an inbuilt inferiority complex where there are masters and servants and it is important to know your place? I cannot think of anything more demeaning. This is supposed to be the 21st Century, not the 14th.

I do not know the answer. A chap who has been a foreman on a few jobs of mine thinks this. He thinks that people he talks to on site assume that once they have got a conservatory, a mock wooden floor and a 4G TV, they are part of the conservative elite.

I think it is more complex than that, but I just do not know where to start with it all. What I do know is that it is all a bit weird and upside down. Every Thursday, you see people on their doorstep banging pots and clapping like demented seals to show their support for the NHS.

The next day they are sharing posts cheering on the bloke (Johnson) who is one of many in his party who have spent years wanting to flog the NHS to people with offices in Panama and The Cayman Islands.

Britain sure is one fucked up place.

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