Starmer’s Impossible Challenge

Posted on April 22, 2020

I was on Facebook earlier when a post from a chap I worked with in the early 90’s came up. He was basically saying that the government should beyond criticism and that Kier Starmer needs to shut it, as he once defended Jimmy Savile.

I scrolled through the replies and there was loads of aggression and hatred, with the obligatory venom aimed at Jeremey Corbyn and Diane Abbott. There were a few more sensibly minded folks on there as well. One chap even dared to criticise Johnson for the apathy he showed towards the coronavirus outbreak when it first emerged.

In the words of the late Graham Taylor, “Did they not like that”.

At this point, I chipped in and said, “There is a rumour that Johnson told the truth once, but it may just have come from one of those wacky conspiracy theorists”.

One person gave it a laugh emoji, and another said, “definitely a conspiracy”.

Then came the nastiness, with someone saying, “Why do you let left wing pricks on your page?”. With these people, you are not allowed an opinion. You are not even allowed a joke at the expense of the PM. They claim that the world has gone PC mad, yet they go berserk if you make a joke about their PM.

These are not Old Etonians, offshore tax dodgers, or neoliberals looking to sell off the NHS. They are working class blokes who just about scrape by with enough money for a pot to piss in. They will be dependent on the NHS when the beer and fags finally get to them.

Boris Johnson would not give them the steam off his piss, yet they adore him. A few gags about Muslims looking like bank robbers and they do not care that he thinks they are a bunch of feckless, work shy, cretins.

Starmer Versus Raab

I am saying this because, by all accounts, Keir Starmer wiped the floor with Dominic Raab today in PM’s Question Time. I do not know this for sure, as I am basing it on what I have read, not what I heard.

Even if he did, let us be honest here. None of the people I have mentioned above are interested in PMQ’s. They just want to know when football is starting back up and when the pubs are opening again. Starmer could systematically demolish Johnson and all he would have to do is accuse Starmer of liking darkies. Bingo, fuck politics, BoJo is hilarious.

That is fair enough, we all make personal choices how to live our lives. We are at present; a free society and it is not for me or anyone else to decide a lifestyle choice. However, these people are dictating proceedings and it is causing havoc. They do not want a free society, they want ‘lefties’ hung and freedom of speech banned if it doesn’t suit them.

How do you Change Mindset?

I really do not know how that mindset can be changed. You could roll out a list of all the hateful things Boris Johnson has done and said to the working classes, but they do not care. We laugh at Trump in America, but it is not really any different here in the UK.

When Starmer won the race to lead the Labour Party, I thought that things might be changing for the better at last. He is a bright guy and he can indeed, forensically pull apart the most corrupt and incompetent Conservative Party in my lifetime.

But what does that matter to people who have spent a lifetime being taught how to be thick?

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