Boris Johnson and Cricket

Posted on July 3, 2020

Anyone who plays or supports recreational cricket (and isn’t a total Boris Johnson sycophant) would have learnt over the last fortnight what a lying, blustering, cretin the Prime Minister is.

For reasons I can’t explain, Johnson seems to be targeting recreational cricket as a way to prove he knows what he is talking about. He tries to explain, with faux authority, why cricket is unique and cannot go ahead.

Blagging and Waffling

All that comes out of his mouth is nonsensical bullshit and attempts at scientific analysis that has already been dealt with and explained by the ECB (English Cricket Board). They have explained themselves time and again, to the point of tiresome repetition.

Last week he tried to bullshit that there is evidence the ball is a vector to the virus (there is no evidence) and this week it was all about cricket teas and changing rooms. He obviously doesn’t listen. The ECB addressed this issue by explaining that players can turn up already changed and bring their own food.

This has been all over press releases, Twitter, and Facebook pages but Johnson must have missed it. You would think he might do a bit of homework on something that he is going to be asked about, but he prefers to blag it. Blag. Bullshit. Waffle. That should be the Johnson three-part slogan.

Public Health Risk

It may be that there is still a public health issue and that cricket is still too high a risk. Then why are people playing tennis and basketball and why are pubs opening again? How can cricket be higher risk than going into a pub, a busy shop, or a hairdresser?

For some reason, cricket at recreational level has been left hanging. Someone at our club even said that it is because Johnson hates former leaders, Theresa May, and John Major, and they love cricket. It seems absurd to think that, but Johnson is an absurd individual.

I don’t know the answer but from where I am sat, it is just another example of how this lunatic of a Prime Minister behaves. He doesn’t listen, he doesn’t learn, and he doesn’t pay any attention to detail. Then, when he is quizzed about a subject matter, he just waffles and tries to make up a joke with ludicrous words thrown in.

He’s an absolute twat.  

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