Covid Confusion

Posted on July 2, 2020

I had always been of the belief that if an individual had a poor education, with the ability to read, learning is still a life choice. With the advent of the internet, this became even more the case. Good Information at your fingertips via Google, Wikipedia, and countless other sources.

I stuck with this belief right up until Covid19 appeared on the scene. As it emerged as a public health crisis in the UK, I have read about it nearly every day. When doing this, I have done what I can to use respected media sources and various fact checking sites.

This, I believed, would protect me from the more subtle conspiracy theorists. Them and the folk who are friends with someone whose daughters’ friend was once a nurse and had it on good authority that we were all as good as dead.

Muddy Waters

However, rather than becoming clearer, the waters are muddied. Qualified scientists are disagreeing with each other. Politicians are pretending they are in control, and virtually everyone who thought they understood Covid19, has lost the plot.

Graphs are produced to say everything is improving, followed by others saying a second wave is hitting us any day now. Pubs are opening on what is sure to be a hideous ‘Super Saturday’, resulting in what will be the busiest A&E wards of the summer. Daily briefings are no longer important, and Priti Patel still has a job.

All the while this is happening, the government are reducing standards for Post Brexit US imports. Independent Civil Servants are getting sacked and replaced by people handpicked by the unelected de facto Prime Minister, Dominic Cummings. Matt Hancock looks like he is going to burst into tears, and Liz Truss was last seen being ushered into a Downing Street cupboard.

I know some genuine and decent people who are so far at either end of the Covid19 spectrum, it only compounds the confusion. Some say you have nothing to worry about unless you are 104 and have asbestosis. Others say that if you get Covid, you better have a will in place. Especially if you are 52 and used to attend Reading FC matches and have indulged in excess alcohol and cheap cocaine substitutes.

One thing is for certain. My attempts at becoming a Covid19 expert have largely failed. I have read myself to sleep on countless occasions trying to become a scientist. Yet, I still don’t know if it is no worse than the flu, or deadlier than the bubonic plague. I have read articles by highly qualified scientists saying that a vaccine is a few months away, only to read something else saying Covid19 will be part of our lives forever and may even mutate into something far worse.

Whack Jobs

I don’t know whether lockdown was a valid economic wrecking ball, or a good reason to save us from 250,000 deaths and the complete collapse of the NHS? I do know people who know for certain, in their own heads, that Covid19 was made up and doesn’t even exist; David Icke or some other mad fucker with a YouTube account told them, so it must be true.  

I’m only surprised that Uri Geller hasn’t come out of the woodwork and bent a spoon in half to prove that he can cure us all. If he did, there would be flat earthers queuing round the block to pay him good money for treatment. We have a president in America who thinks chlorine dioxide might do the trick, so we might as well get all the whack jobs on the case…What’s David Duke up to these days?

The only winners are a Tory cabinet full of lunatics quietly shifting their way towards chaotic plans of authoritarianism put in place by a jumped-up pseudo intellectual who got bullied too much at school. Some madder folk are even saying the government planned Covid19 as an excuse for a disastrous and crippling Brexit. I remain unconvinced that a bunch of clowns that can barely do its own metaphorical shoelaces up, could start a pandemic in Wuhan.

The only thing I do know, is that it has been an utter omnishambles. A clusterfuck from day one, until present. Hopefully, once everyone has wobbled their heads enough for common sense to settle, the government will fall apart along with its half-witted fantasies. Saying they have done their best and tried hard not to be useless, is not good enough.

They are not an Under 11’s football team.

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