How Do we Stop the Legitimised Bullshitters?

Posted on September 16, 2020

There is one question that Labour leader, Keir Starmer, must come up with an answer for. Jeremy Corbyn failed to answer that question and so did Ed Miliband. The question is this.

How does Starmer marginalise and put a lid on the bullshitters led by Boris Johnson, the King of Bullshitters? Johnson has given these people a voice and legitimised bullshit. Liberated, they have come out in their droves spouting their nonsense at any poor sod who happens to be passing. I don’t mean the standard embellishment we all occasionally indulge in to create a good story. I’m talking about biblical levels of toxic bullshit.

They know everything. Climate change doesn’t exist. Syrian refugees need to be taken out by the RAF. Covid is just the flu or was invented by Chinese James Bond type baddies. Churchill didn’t win the war to unite Europe. All lives matter if they are not dirty foreigners.

Different Class of Bullshitter

Johnson is just a higher-class of bullshitter whom they look up to. His government steals money from the public sector, so they do the same with false furlough claims. He gets bevvied up and entertains his mates from The Bullingdon Club with bullshit racist gags, so they do the same in The Red Lion. He has multiple kids with different women and laughs it off, so they do the same.

Johnson has legitimised just about everything that breaks a society. He has reached out to ‘The Man on the Street’ and they have embraced him. The bar stool fascists have seized their moment and won’t back down. They will take it to the point where they are given the job (on minimum wage) to pull the lever on the Serco electric chair. When they see it’s not so funny killing people when it is reality, it will be too late.

How on earth can you reverse that trend when a government has an 80-seat majority and a cult following that makes up 35% of the voting population? A government that is audacious enough to rip up any law or bill (even the one they won an election with) to create their own laws that insulate themselves from interrogation or prosecution.

Appealing to the Ignorant

Appealing to the politically ignorant has been a masterstroke for Johnson and his team.  They have targeted those who act on impulse and live a life of pathological bar stool bullshit. Jokes about Muslims looking like letterboxes weren’t errors of judgement, they were deliberate targeting of the people the Tories needed votes from.

People question why a formerly legitimate political party would pander to nationalism, jingoism, racism, populism, fascism, or whatever you wish to call it (a cocktail of all of them). Why, after David Cameron tried and failed to pull it to the centre ground, would the conservative party allow itself to become a far-right organisation?

How about having the ability to hand out public services contracts to their family and friends, without scrutiny. How about stashing money in tax havens without scrutiny? How about never having to worry about having their financial dealings being viewed by forensic lawyers and accountants?

It will all come crashing down at some point, but it’s what happens in between that should concern anyone with half, or even a quarter of a brain. How quickly we get to the point where it all falls apart, is largely down to political opponents of Johnson unifying and putting an end to all the madness.

They must put their ideological differences between to one side and start acting now.

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