Brexit & How The USA Come Into Play

Posted on September 10, 2020

I wonder how many people who voted Brexit knew that at some point during all the lies and propaganda, the USA would come into play.

There is a long and strong ancestral link between the US and Ireland; America, you may remember, played a major role in the peace agreement. If the UK government break the law with regards to their ‘Oven Ready’ Brexit deal and destabilise peace in Ireland, then ladies, and gentlemen, we have a problem.

Rogue State

The US are not interested in a rogue state (particularly if Biden wins the election) who falls out with everybody and makes, and breaks deals that break laws. They want to do a deal with the EU as it is a huge economic bloc. If Britain jeopardise that by acting like dodgy double-glazing salesmen trying to stitch the EU up, we will be rapidly running out of friends.

All the propaganda and culture wars were started for one thing and one thing only. For a tiny amount of people to smash up all the laws that threatened their corruption and tax avoidance scams. They were on the run and Brexit was their way out of trouble and quite possibly, prison.

The British people may have fallen for their lies by getting dragged into jingoistic populism but don’t expect others to; they are not interested in countries that go back on deals that were signed sealed and ‘Oven Ready’.

Oven Ready Deal in the Bin

The truth is, the ‘Oven Ready’ deal was probably not even examined. It would have just been cobbled together to ‘Get Brexit Done’ and win the election. I am making assumptions here, but I don’t think they ever had any intention of sticking to it. The plan, I would say, was change it at the last hour and blame the EU for being unreasonable.

What they didn’t consider (because they are a bit thick) is that breaking international law is not a very clever thing to do. Breaking international law and threatening to destabilize a country (Ireland) who has close ties to who you desperately want a free trade deal with (The US) is an even less clever thing to.

Still, with Liz Truss and a bloke who Australia are glad to see the back of, doing the deals, everything should be fine.     

1 Reply to "Brexit & How The USA Come Into Play"

  • Keith
    September 10, 2020 (5:17 pm)

    I sense a u turn coming up; this one will be humiliating because as you suggest it will be forced by the USA. And following humiliation we might actually see someone resign.

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