U Turns and Jobs For the Boys!

Posted on September 4, 2020

Amongst all the talk of twelve U-turns by our hopeless government over the last few months, something has been missed. As much as the hopelessness of the government U-Turns needs to be highlighted by the opposition, something else, in my opinion, is even more important.

It is this. At some point around February/March time, when a global pandemic became inevitable, members of our government made a choice. They decided that if there was to be a health crisis, at least they could gain from it personally.

They have done this by handing out PPE, sanitiser and Test & Trace contracts (without tender) to their family and friends. Whilst we spent the spring in isolation, worrying ourselves sick about our businesses, jobs, and our health, members of our government were filling their boots.

Salt in the Wound

To take our wounds and rub salt into them, many of the companies awarded the contracts were not worth a carrot. They wouldn’t have got past ‘item one’ on a contract tender package and would have failed miserably on any financial due diligence undertaken on them. Some of them are based offshore, so they will not even pay tax on their profits.

Why isn’t this the biggest financial scandal in British history?  

I think it is because of conspiracy theories. With every 5G whack job conspiracy claiming Covid19 is man-made or non-existent, the government comfort themselves. After all, a claim that the government of a civilised nation would steal of its own citizens in a health crisis, is so preposterous, it feels like a conspiracy.

Yet it is there in black and white. Virtually every PPE or Test & Trace deal looks dodgy. Test & Trace is headed up by the wife of a Tory MP working for Serco, whose CEO is the brother of another Tory MP. To make matters worse, it is a shambles, just like most other Serco projects.

It was recently calculated by someone brighter than me, that a £45 million contract for PPE overalls given to a dormant company no one has ever heard of, resulted in the average price of them coming in at around £850.00 a pair. What are they made of? Gold leaf?

What is Being Done?

I’ve only mentioned two deals that stink but there are loads of them. Look online and you will find all sorts of unexplained deals given to relatives or government advisers. I am stunned the government hasn’t collapsed by now, but on it marches.

Maybe opposition leader, Keir Starmer, is biding his time and building a case for the killer blow? As one of Britain’s top lawyers, I assume he knows what he is doing and with four years in opposition, it is a case of slowly, slowly, catch a monkey (avoiding haste to patiently achieve the ultimate goal).

I went to see my accountant today. He is a pragmatist and someone I would describe as conservative with a small c. He has been reading details of many of these deals and has vowed to do a full audit on them and demand answers from his local MP. He wants to see people in prison, doing time for stealing from the taxpayer.

Never in my life did I think I would hear him saying such a thing with such anger. Then, I guess I never thought I would ever be living in such a corrupt country where the government saw its people vulnerable in a pandemic and decided to profit from it.

Mad isn’t it?

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