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Posted on August 5, 2021

Most people who are reading this post will be paying tax and national insurance or would have done, in the past.  Most of us pay our tax willingly enough. However, for high earners or those with businesses subject to corporation tax on top of income tax, it sometimes feels like a perpetual dishing out of money to the HMRC.

Personally, I don’t pay huge amounts of tax because I don’t really work hard enough these days. However, as a PAYE director I pay income tax as well as corporation taxation on profits at the end of the year.  Because I run a tight ship and work from home, I have a corporation tax bill almost every year. I pay this in January.

Tax Consolation

If I was to say that as a socialist, I love nothing better than paying my tax, I would be a liar. However, I console myself with the fact my kids were born in state hospitals and have been educated in state schools. I also remind myself that some twenty years ago, when a surgeon cut out an ingrowing hair from my arse, it cured blood poisoning that was making me feel perpetually rough. If by chance, I had been born 100 years earlier, I would have probably been brown bread in my early thirties.

So, with that in mind, I am quite content to pay tax. If your life to date has taken a similar route to mine (minus the arse operation, I hope) you should also be content, if not delighted, that you pay tax and national insurance to fund the safety net of public services. You should also want to protect these educational and life-saving services from corruption and abuse. After all, you are paying for them.

Where is Public Money Going

What you should be doing, is asking where your money is being spent and who is spending it. It is your right as a taxpayer to know that your money that is taken from the public purse, is not being wasted. It is most certainly your right to know whether your money is being taken and handed out to businesses that fund MP’s with directorships and donations.

This is happening, right now, on an industrial scale, under our noses. A health crisis like no other in our lifetime, is being exploited by MP’s and their businesses who see it reasonable to make a fortune out of it. They are stealing our money and many people are in utter denial that Britain is now the corruption capital of Europe. Our elected government is raiding the public purse.

The Good Law Project

Some good people are on the case. The Good Law Project are going after wrongdoing with gusto. They are winning High Court judgements that are, after periods of apathy and denial from the public, starting to get noticed. Ears are pricking up and people are beginning to realise that these are crimes, not conspiracy theories.

The latest of these crimes revolves around the use of personal emails and WhatsApp groups used to offer contracts to friends and donors, without due process. When the GLP won a case in the High Court for the accused to hand over his phone for scrutiny, he said he couldn’t because he had broken it a few weeks after the case. I presume because he broke it, it immediately deleted all his email addresses and WhatsApp groups?

Broken Phone

Funny that, as when I broke my phone, I simply took the SIM card out and hey presto, everything became as it were. Believe me, I am no expert when it comes to the world of IT. Perhaps he was doing DIY and banging in nails when he missed and hit his phone several times instead. When the SIM card popped out, he may have accidentally hit the SIM card several times as well. We’ve all done it.

I am not sure where this case with The Good Law Project will end up, but I will continue to support them with small financial donations. I regard it as a tax to subsidise an organisation of lawyers that are determined to find out where our taxes are spent and whether there has been any wrongdoing.

You can read the latest on the mobile phone scandal by clicking here. if you want to support the Good Law Practice, there is a link at the bottom. In my opinion, it is the most worthwhile cause I have supported in a long time.

After all, we should all want to know who is benefiting from the taxes we pay.

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