Another Week in the Life of Johnson Bullshit!

Posted on September 10, 2021

I don’t know if I am the only one but the last couple of weeks has made me realise one thing that is certain in the world. Those who voted for Boris Johnson and his Brexit, would vote for him if he burnt their houses down and told them their insurance policies were invalid.

National Insurance

This week, Johnson announced that taxes would be raised to cover the cost of social care (National Insurance isn’t insurance by the way, it is tax). It is a policy that was railroaded through parliament before anyone had a chance to read it. The devil will be in the detail but the worse off you are, the even more worse off you will be.

Quite what Johnson’s new friends in the north will think about it, I don’t know? The bigger the property you are in, the better off you will be. It appears to work like this.  If you live in an £800k house in Hampshire, you will lose approximately a tenth of your asset if you go into care. If you live in a £160k house in Cumbria, you will lose half of it.

This is levelling up, Johnson style. Public sector workers who worked around the clock during Covid will, in effect, take a pay cut. Companies that emptied the public purse in one of the most spectacular corruption heists in modern political history, remain untouchable. Yet 35% of the voting population back Johnson. It is an example of human denial that, after the walls eventually come tumbling down, will be used by psychology lecturers across the globe.

Don’t Talk About Brexit

Brexiteers don’t really like talking about it anymore. They know it is an utter disaster, so they treat it like a family dispute that has been swept up under the carpet and is no longer discussed. Only this week we have discovered that due to shortages of chemicals, companies can pump untreated sewage into rivers. Brexit is literally pumping shit at us, and Johnson’s 35% target audience aren’t budging.

In a way, it could be seen as a masterstroke. By turning himself and Brexit into a cult, Johnson has made himself an immovable object. If you don’t believe it is a cult, speak to a Brexiteer. They are not interested in debating Brexit, and they will not believe any of its failings. The lack of chemicals for water treatment will be the fault of the EU, not Brexit. They will tell you, without any sense of irony, that the EU are being unreasonable for implementing a deal championed by none other than Johnson himself.

The End of a Cult?

I don’t know when this cult will end, as I am not an expert on denialism. However, judging by what has unfolded so far, it is a long way off. Some have, somewhat fancifully, dubbed the national insurance rise as ‘Johnson’s Poll Tax moment’. I might be wrong, but I don’t think it is enough of a kicking. Johnson has overseen over 100,00 deaths, billions handed out in dodgy PPE contracts, empty shelves, price hikes, the threat to peace in Northern Ireland, and raw human excrement pumped into rivers. The list is endless.

The National Insurance rise is just another day in the life of Boris Johnson. The 35% will say it was anyone’s fault other than their chosen messiah, the king of Brexit bullshit. 65% of the voting population know Johnson is a fraud, a pathological liar, and a con man, but many of them have given up trying to understand how the UK ended up like this. That is music to Johnson’s ears, because apathy is what made him PM.

The unification of the majority is the only way out of this mess, because the morons who voted for this are going nowhere.

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