Kane and Able

Posted on March 24, 2023

I couldn’t help but feel happy for Harry Kane last night. Let’s be honest, he’s not the most flamboyant of footballers, yet his commitment and hard work is second to none.

Kane could never be accused of being a big head. He is a humble type of guy who seems to take everything in his stride. He doesn’t get carried away when things are going his way, which, in turn, allows him to deal with setbacks. Did anyone really think he would allow his penalty miss in Qatar to define him? There were no Gazza like ‘tears of a clown’, he just got on with it. In Kane’s world, occasionally, missing is part and parcel of being in a fantastic job.

Hard Work

What I admire most about Harry Kane, is that it must have dawned on him at some point, that he was no Messi, Ronaldo or Rooney. Without the obvious flair and pace of a superstar, Kane could have easily become a journeyman making a very good living in the championship. His loan at Norwich could easily have become permanent.

However, according to people who know a lot more about Kane than me, he always possessed the ability to strike a ball hard and cleanly. At that point, with good coaching and inner belief, he must have decided that to be a great player, he had to work harder than those blessed with better pace and vision. Hours and hours of practice followed, proving that intense hard hard work is a talent not many of us possess. Personally, I’m bereft of it.

Inspiring Others

Because of what he has achieved, Harry Kane will be an inspiration to youngsters. They can look at what he has accomplished and think “why not me?” That raises the bar and can only benefit the national team in the future. He also demonstrates how an individual can conduct themselves in a manner that gains respect from all those around him. You never see Kane spitting his dummy out like Ronaldo does.

I think Kane’s story is a great one. From being farmed out on loan and never really featuring in ‘One to Watch’ articles about future players, to becoming England’s record scorer. It is a wonderful achievement. Kane might not be the easiest on the eye but if he stays fit he will have an England goal tally streets ahead of his illustrious peers.

Check for the man, I say.

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  • Norman House
    March 25, 2023 (12:06 pm)

    Firstly Kane is a good player and probably all of what you say is true. His vision is also better than he is sometimes given credit for. There are some downsides for me. He plays for Tottenham 😉 but the thing I really dislike is the amount he backs into players and gets away with it. He also gets away with a lot of other fouls that no other non-England captain does. Arguably, all those things are down to referees rather than to him. Previous England captains also got away with blue murder, especially domestically. e.g. Brian Robson and Alan Shearer (the dirtiest England captain of all time!).

    I noticed in the last few European/world cup tournaments that after a couple of matches, referees wise up to Kane’s constant backing-in, stop giving fouls and he becomes far less effective in that part of his game. Has he been great for Tottenham and England though, yes. In fact without him Spurs would be deservedly lower mid-table. 😎

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