Do We Need to Worry or Rejoice in the September Heat?

Posted on September 9, 2023

By the time this weekend is over, many places in the UK will have seen six successive days where it has passed 30 centigrade. That will be double what has ever happened before in the UK during the month of September.

For those who don’t like the heat, they should be grateful it is September. Had the current weather pattern emerged in July or early August, the temperature would have soared into the late 30s. 40 centigrade may have happened for the second successive year. So, when we get heatwaves, they are more extreme. Of that there is no doubt.

But What About the Long Wet Summer?

When out walking the dog this summer, I have heard many people talking about the wet cool weather being an example of global warming not existing. However, these statements are borne out of impulsive ignorance. It’s been a terrible summer that is true. Yet, even the cool periods of weather are between 2 and 4 centigrade warmer than unsettled summer weather patterns of 40 years ago.

In winter, the same warming trend exists. Cold snaps still come from time to time but they are generally shorter and less dramatic. Cold blasts will still come but the areas that are frozen are melting. So arctic air can lose its power by the time it arrives in Britain over warming seas. Some say it is purely cyclical and down to nature doing its thing. Yet, never in the history of the human race never has a warming period been so dramatic. As we push on to mid-September, we are experiencing temperatures seen at the peak of 1976. 1976 was a summer a certain demographic in society often refer to as an example of, “it’s summer, get over it”.

What Can Be Done?

We are always told we can’t afford to save the planet. Yet, when Covid came to town or multimillionaire bankers decided to crash the economy, there was a fiscal bailout. Bailouts, or the printing of money, can be expensive, but they can also drive the economy. There is an economic boom waiting to happen in reversing climate warming.

We all know printing money was used to restore parity after the banking crash, Covid, and Liz Truss fucking about on behalf of Tufton Street. However, in the case of cleaning the world, it would create jobs and generate taxes. Money would be well spent subsidising those doing their bit to be cleaner and greener. It’s not difficult but all the while politicians are funded (bribed) by the fossil fuel industry, we will always be fed the line that being eco-friendly is for snowflake lefties.

Technology and Nations Leading the Way

The technology and science is there. With the brightest scientists working for the greater good, humans have the skill and ingenuity to turn it all round with clean energy for homes, transport and manufacturing, leading the way. It needs a global effort though. An ideology where if nations of the world don’t comply, they face the cutting of trading arrangements.

At present, the only nations busting a gut to be cleaner appear to be social democratic countries in Northern Europe /Scandinavia. On a recent trip, I felt as embarrassed as I was impressed by what a clean city Helsinki is compared to anywhere in the UK. Taxation is invested back into clean public services that help create clean air and a better natural environment.

By coincidence, the countries that invest in protecting the environment and the air the residents breathe, are the same countries that top the happiness charts year in year out.

No shit, Sherlock.

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