Sunak’s Non-Existent Grasp of Normality

Posted on September 2, 2023

When I saw that Rishi Sunak took a helicopter to travel 110 miles so he could announce deregulation of pollution from new housing developments, I thought we’d reached ‘Peak Sunak’. It was mind-boggling that he or his advisers would have thought this was a good idea. Every day we hear depressing news about the climate passing tipping point and the Prime Minister acts like he couldn’t give a toss.

US College Donation

Then, later in the week I stumbled across something that turned out to be old news (3 months old). It must have been during a period I had a break from current affairs due to the sheer misery too much of it can inflict on the soul.

It was a podcast by Jon Sopel and Emily Maitlis revealing that Sunak had donated $3 million to an already wealthy American college. This was into his second year as an MP in Richmond, Yorkshire. To make it look even worse, it was at the same time his local primary school was taking 10 months to raise 10 grand to refurbish a computer room/system.

Sunak’s Choice

Now, it’s not down to me or anyone else to decide what the Sunak empire do with their cash. They have done nothing illegal. In fact, it’s actually been almost refreshing that such is Sunak’s wealth, the grubby backhanders Boris Johnson indulged in have been removed from Number 10. If the Sunak’s want gold wallpaper, they can buy it with their equivalent of loose change. Unlike Johnson, who had to fund a complex and debauched private life, the Sunak’s don’t need to chase money from people wanting to corrupt them.

However, Sunak’s choices in life make it clear whose side he is on. Whilst it would be complicated and probably against parliamentary rules to lavish money on his local primary school, what is a sitting MP doing donating huge sums of money to schools in other countries? It’s probably not illegal for an MP to do this because it is so preposterous. Almost as mad as retaining a Green Card whilst looking to become Prime Minister in the UK.

Why Become Prime Minister?

I do wonder why Sunak became Prime Minister? He clearly has as many, or even more interests outside of the UK than on the domestic front. Is being the PM a vanity project, or are there other forces at work? Was going from Winchester, to Oxford, to Goldman Sachs, to Prime Minister, part of a bigger plan to ensure widespread corruption in the financial sector is protected from common decency? It does appear that Sunak is a kind of Robin Hood anti-Christ operating in a world where wealthy internationalists steal from the poor.

Perhaps Sunak is so wealthy, he feels it is time to give back something to the country that made him rich? If that is the case he is making a right dog’s dinner of it. In fact such is his alienation from the critical centre ground of UK politics, he is reduced to chasing the votes of swivel eyed crack pots and far-right nutters who gorge on impulsive populism. I don’t know the numbers but even if he can shore up some of the gammon vote, there will be a large number of them who can’t face voting for someone with brown skin.

A Duty to Those Who Made Him

The way I see it is this. Such is the way Sunak’s life evolved, he doesn’t have a grasp on what is normal. He is obviously exceptionally bright in a robotic kind of way. Bright people who could go into science or medicine are often lured into finance because they can become fabulously wealthy, very quickly. These are Sunak’s people. Winchester, Oxford, and Goldman Sachs made him rich and got him into circles where he married into even more wealth. Every instinct in him will be to look after those who made him. His job is to ensure they can’t be curtailed by pragmatism and dare I say it, wealth distribution and fair taxation.

It’s an open goal to the opposition. It is probably why Keir Starmer appears to be the vaguest ‘Prime Minister in waiting’ in the history of UK politics. He will be reminded daily that the Conservative Party is blowing its own feet off and he is best off not interrupting them. Starmer is not the PM that many socialists want. However, I live in hope that he at least has a humble enough background to represent a broader section of society. I am not saying he will, I just hope he does.

Anything is better than someone who represents only the financial district London and to do so, chases the nutter vote by promising to wipe out desperate people on dinghies. Appearing to deliberately create an immigration crisis to play on the impulses of racists, is a very low bar.

I find it a bit pathetic if I an honest.

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