Cancel Culture – What is It?

Posted on April 23, 2024

Accountability – It’s Nothing New

I find it somewhat bizarre how people act like holding others accountable is some sort revolutionary concept that has just been invented. The last time I looked, throughout history, we’ve always had ways of calling out bad behaviour haven’t we? Whether it’s boycotts or public outcry, accountability isn’t exactly a 21st century invention for snowflakes. It’s just got itself a catchy upgrade on social media and GB News


Let’s take a look at oversimplification of it all. This whole “cancel culture” thing that is all the rage amongst people with flagging careers in politics, media and entertainment. It’s like throwing every type of reaction into an equilibrium melting pot and stirring it up for a bit of a laugh. From legitimate calls for peace, civil rights and justice to those online mobs who just want to watch the world burn, it’s all conveniently packaged under one catchy label. In a post-truth age, fuck it, why bother with nuances when you can slap on a trendy term and say “end of”?

What About Freedom of Speech?

I love the “freedom of speech” argument. Certain GB News types love to wave that flag around like it’s some sort of get-out-of-jail-free card. They seem to forget that speech comes with consequences. It always has and always will. You say something, expect a reaction. You don’t have to be Oppenheimer to work that out. Still, who needs to acknowledge consequences when you can hide behind the sacred shield of free speech? Let’s get back to basics and feel free to make monkey chants at football matches and abuse people for their sexuality, race or disability. Is that what we want?

Selecting When to be Outraged

I find it fascinating how some people only seem to care about “cancel culture” when they’re the ones under fire? It’s like they’ve got this special victim complex reserved just for them. “Oh no, I’m being canceled!” they squeal, conveniently ignoring the harm they’ve caused. It’s like watching a masterclass in deflection and denial. They always double-down as well. We are all capable of saying things and getting in a pickle. Normal folks apologise for it whilst people like Laurence Fox and Matt Le Tissier go down a rabbit hole that ends in them sharing podcasts with crackpot conspiracy theorists.

An Evolving Society

Society is always changing, always evolving on the potholed road to righteousness. What was once acceptable is now up for debate, and rightly so, in my opinion. Who really wants to be horrible to another human purely because of their sexuality, skin pigment, or where lines were drawn on a global map? It’s nonsensical if you think about it. But you know what’s easier than engaging in meaningful conversation? Blaming it all on “cancel culture” and saying fuck off to anyone who challenges the stupidity of it. Why bother with introspection and growth when you can just point fingers, shout “snowflake” and play the victim?

In my opinion, the term “cancel culture” is nothing more than a populist distraction, diverting attention from real issues of accountability and justice. But to many, it appears to be a case of who needs substance when you’ve got a catchy buzzword to cover your daft impulses. If this blog still doesn’t make sense, I’ll leave you with this.

When was the last time you were cancelled and if you were, what did you say?

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