Chaos as Labour Welcome Liz Truss

Posted on May 9, 2024

There was a political earthquake last night when former Prime Minister Liz Truss crossed the floor to join Labour. In a move that caused chaos and confusion among MPs, Truss stumbled across the floor, shouting, “pork markets…cheese…that…is…a…disgrace!”

How to Save the West Handout

Truss then made her way through the Labour benches, handing out copies of her book, ‘How to Save the West,’ as a bizarre spectacle unfolded, with Tories opposite cheering wildly at her departure.

Labour leader Keir Starmer welcomed Truss to the party by saying, “Welcome, Liz, the new Labour MP for South West Norfolk! And can I just say this to the Prime Minister opposite…another nutter joining Labour….doesn’t this just show how out of touch we…you are? Just call an election.”

Sunak’s Super Saints

Rishi Sunak responded by saying, “Mr. Speaker, all I’m hearing is the same old Labour, all talk no plan, Mr. Speaker. We have a plan, Mr. Speaker…we don’t know what it is, Mr. Speaker, but it’s a fully costed plan, Mr. Speaker, and we will win the election, Mr. Speaker, just like my team, the super Saints of Southampton, will win the playoffs, Mr. Speaker, unlike the team supported by a North London lawyer, Mr. Speaker!”

The chamber emptied with Truss, who appeared to have a hanky on her head and a pencil up each nostril, escorted from the building by men in white coats. To complete the spectacle, Grant Shapps was seen frantically rummaging through her handbag.

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