Hip Hip Hooray 41 Today!!

Posted on November 17, 2008

Well that’s another year gone in the life of Bob Lethaby, and to be honest 41 isn’t bad when you look at how many trees I have fallen out of, how many head wounds I have had stitched up, and the multiple leg, ankle, toe finger, rib and wrist breaks I have had, not to mention the odd car crash, teenage beatings from bigger blokes than me, and getting lost in foreign climes whilst stupidly drunk. For someone as hopelessly clumsy as me, 41 has to be seen as somewhat of a milestone really, my Mum’s Dad croaked at 42 with high blood pressure so that has to be my next realistic target, then who know’s beyond that, my Mum made 63, but that seems a distance away yet.

It is safe to say that a good part of the year since my last birthday has not been the greatest of my life, but who cares really, onwards and upwards as they say, and the way my life panned out forced me to move on and make new circles of friends from different areas whilst maintaining a solid contact with my two lads. It would have been easy to have moved back to my old ways and blotted out my problems in the nearest boozer, but I have met a whole bunch of new people, one very special, whilst keeping contact with those old friends most loyal to me, so life aint so bad really! I have had dark days but anyone who thought I would wellow in self pity doesn’t know me well enough, life is too much fun, and too short to be miserable.

Anyway, whilst on the subject of the boys, we had a great weekend. On Saturday we went ice skating with Di and her children Megan and Charlotte, it was great fun, I hadn’t done it for years, and years, and whilst I am no Christopher Dean, I took to it quite quickly as did all the kids, George was flying round. Yesterday we went bowling which was also a lot of fun, but in my opinion not as good value as skating (Skating 2 hours £18, bowling 2 games £28). The photos are crap I am afraid, taken with a Blackberry, great phone, shit camera!

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