Swanage part 2

Posted on August 9, 2009

Just had a great time down in swanage with the Withey’s the Newton’s and latterly the Porter’s. This was no glamour holiday but as you can see we all had a great time and the weather was pretty good at times though I have omitted Tuesday and Thursday which were grim.

All but one night we cooked around the BBQ and enjoyed good food and wine whilst Stewart and John had a “who can light the best BBQ” competition and various half hour conversations about the merits of different spices, these two should really go on Masterchef, though whether they have the patience is questionable.

Diane and the girls arrived on Friday with a Chilli which was nice and brought fine weather with her, a great time was had all round. I have just dropped back the boys with a tinge of sadness, though it will be great to be clean again after nearly two solid weeks under canvas!

Me and Boys at Swanage Bay

George and John attempt to work out a fishing kit

George Surveys the sea

Stewart fishes of Swanage Pier

Glorious Sunshine on the Bay

Harry, Zak and Spencer crabbing

Harry taking a dip

The lovely view of Corfe from our campsite
John preparing the BBQ whilst Clare drinks

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  • wacko
    August 13, 2009 (7:21 pm)

    I was in Swanage last week. Myself and my Doreen had travelled down to our favourite campsite which also overlooks Corfe Castle – a lovely view indeed. The weather had been indifferent but the sun had just begun to pop its head out. At about that time a group of oafs started playing an impromptu game of cricket. Myself and Doreen were sitting in the back of our campervan having a cup of tea when there was an almighty thud. Doreen let forth "what the fuck was that?". I leapt from the van only to be confronted with a grinning bald oaf who then tried to convince me that the boulder sized crease in the side of my van would polish out. Doreen was by now furious and told the oaf that if he didn't clear off she would shove the cricket ball where the sun don't shine. Baldy then had the indignity to suggest that it was the 'fat twat what done it'. At that Doreen told him to sling his hook before she became unaccountable for her actions. Every cloud has a silver lining as me and Dodo had the best sex that night we had had in years – so thanks Baldy and your tubby friend.

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