X Factor….God I hate it!

Posted on October 15, 2008

I hate X factor and every shithead involved in it, it is everything that is wrong with Britain and tantamount to child abuse, it makes me vomit. the people involved in it, Simon Cowell, Danni Minogue and some other non persons know nothing about music…..nothing. What the hell has Danni Minogue done apart from droning on to some Pete Waterman claptrap on the back of her slightly more talented sister, she doesn’t know music anymore than two year old.

Dragging in gormless, ugly, speccy kids and insulting them in public is what has made that slimey piece of shit Simon Cowell a millionaire, well done mate you are god. No one who wins that stupid show is talented, otherwise they wouldn’t go on there, all they do is sing shit “love” songs and cry while that pratt Louie Walsh claims that they sing better than Smokey Robinson. Then after their Christmas number one song about “Missing their baby who left them” or some shit like that, they are dropped like a stone to pick up the pieces of the lies they have been fed about “being a star” and “having a big future”. They are yesterdays chip paper.

X Fator, is like McDonalds, KFC, BurgerKing, Brewers Fayre, The Harvester, and John Smiths Bitter, it is utter shit that is pickling the brains of a dumbed down, fuckwitted nation led to believe by mass marketing and in your face advertising that it is talent contest. IT IS COMPLETE AND UTTER BOLLOCKS though it is deemed more important in the press than global meltdown and forgotten squaddies fighting hopeless causes in Baghdad and Afghanistan.

If Gordon Brown wants my vote, put that panel of wankers on the front line in Afghanistan and let them get shot. Simon Cowell is a bully who picks on hopeless kids with hopeless dreams, yet a nation of fucking idiots sit, watch and pay to vote, on the biggest pile shit known to man.

Rant over

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