Posted on July 28, 2009

I have arrived back at work temporarily after a weekend in Swanage with half of Broughton who are still all there. Incredibly on Saturday it didn’t rain and the sun shone all day which made it a fine day to watch the incredible Red Arrows do a display over the bay.

Being a cynical old sod, I am not easily impressed, but these guys were fantastic, it really was awesome sight that had me bursting with British pride, all that was missing was a pint of Ruddle’s county bitter and a chorus of “Sing Hosana”.

Diane and all the Broughton mob are still down there at the moment, and I intend to surprise them by going back down there unexpectedly tonight. Whether they will be glad to see me or not is another matter, and if there is a six foot rugby player in Di’s tent I suppose the surprise will be on me.

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