A Fun Weekend To Lift Spirits

Posted on September 27, 2009

The worry that the would be purchasers of my family home have suddenly gone quiet was put on temporary hold this weekend as I cleared off to stay with Di in sun drenched Broughton. September really has been a fantastic month weatherwise.

Saturday was all action, firstly we went bowling with Bri, Lorri, Lawrence and Kath for Jessica’s (Di’s niece) birthday in Eastleigh. It really should be a rainy day thing bowling, and it seemed a waste of the warm weather, but you can’t change when someone has a birthday, and we all had a good time, though I must say, I am crap at bowling……..really crap.

Last night was brilliant fun. We had a booze fuelled Casino evening at Ed and Penny’s house. They have a lovely house and a room ideal for roulette, which was a great laugh. Social gatherings are definitely enhanced by having a theme, and this was a brilliant one which everyone enjoyed, though some will remember more than others about the evening, both Di and Lorri didn’t look or feel great this morning.
The pictures come from our Casino night and from my walk around Broughton yesterday morning.

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