A Big Thank You To Homebase

Posted on November 16, 2009

Such is modern technology that Homebase must have taken the trouble to Google my name and view my earlier blog about being Mr Forgetful, and decided that it was best to ring me last night with an automated message to tell me that they were delivering to me today between 11am and 1pm. In fact they are so efficient they rang me no fewer than 9 times last night with the same message. They also sent me two text messages just to make certain.

A big thumbs to Homebase, they know how to make sure someone doesn’t forget they are delivering, but maybe just one phone call and a text might do next time lads, 9 phones calls is takes things a bit far, but nice sentiment all the same.

However,I got to sleep eventually, only to woken by them chucking a brick through my window with “WE WILL DELIVER BETWEEN 11AM AND 1PM” written on it. They didn’t really but you see where I am coming from.

How ironic would it be if they didn’t turn up.

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