A Very Genuine Winter

Posted on January 6, 2010

Winter continues it’s very icy grip in the UK with the Central South rather unusually being the epicentre of the heaviest snow, in Hatch Warren we escaped with a mere 6-8 inches in the last 24 hours, but Oxford had a foot or more, this is really quite exceptional stuff not seen for 30 years or more. Since mid December the maximunm temperature I have seen in my car is 4c and we are set to stay below freezing for at least the next five days with potential for weekend snow a very real possibility.

A Snow Plough Hard At Work
I like the Snow, it is a good laugh, but an extended cold spell costs money, I have had no one turn up to work today, which means I dont earn, thats okay for a day or two but I can’t continue like that, surely it will clear in the next week or so???
Harry Enjoys The Snow On Our Home Made Sledge

One thing that the snow does do is provide artistic improvisation, and after meeting famed Cunt Sculptor Jaroslav last Saturday (see previous blog) I created my very own Penis and Testicle snow sculpture which I have emailed to Jaroslav for his judgement. Wouldn’t it be funny if he emailed back to say I was sick in the head.

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