Hysteria Sets In

Posted on January 8, 2010

A few things have happened today that I am struggling to come to terms with. Firstly the boys school remains closed for reasons that escape me. The roads are clear for teachers to get there, and nearly all the kids at Brighton Hill School live around the Hatch Warren area, easily accessible by foot. Kids going to school in the snow could easily had topical educational benefit from going to classes. Art could have been snow sculpturing, Geography could have been about weather systems, and what causes a cold winter, Sport could have been managed and structured snowball fights and target practice, and History could have been about Great cold winters of the 19th and 20th centuries. with a bit of imagination the severe weather could have been fun, as well as a learning experience. Instead everyone was told to stay at home and don’t go out or travel, this is a one way street to turning us in to a nation of cissies.

Secondly, I hadn’t realised that we were expecting a nuclear attack this weekend, because that’s what it felt like in Waitrose in Twyford, with queue’s right to the back of the store created by panic buying. One of the assistants told me that a lady bought 28 loaves of bread this morning, unless she had some incurable addiction to feeding ducks, she should have been told to fuck right off, it’s ridiculous. There is a rumour spreading that we are going to have even more snow on Sunday than we have already. This is not correct, check your local forecast don’t listen to some of the nutters in the street. Yes it is going to snow, with up to 5-10cm blowing around in a strong North Easterly wind, but the other day we had 20-30cm which will not be repeated, at least not this weekend. These people who spread this colder than The South Pole crap (It’s Summer in the South Pole) and it’s too cold to snow nonsense (it snows at -50c on the North Pole is that not cold enough?) should concentrate on talking about something they know about, rather than putting the shits up elderly Daily Express readers.

It’s winter, it’s very cold, and there is more snow than we have seen in a generation. Get out, enjoy it, then drive to work at 30% less speed than normal. Everyone where I work got in to the office fine today with a bit of added journey time, and unless you are in an outlying village (Broughton?) that hasn’t been treated with salt and ploughs, I am sorry but there really is no excuse for not getting around.

That’s better!

My Tricky But Not Deadly Drive To Work

Icicles Forming At The Office

Pandemonium in Waitrose

A Nutter in Hyde Park This Morning (Not as mad as buying 28 loaves of bread)

More To Come, But Not As Much This Time

A Very Snowy And Rather Impressive Snowy Satellite Pic

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