The Works Of Jaroslav

Posted on January 14, 2010

I have had a few things to blog about over the last couple of days, including the unwillingness of schools opening a whole week after snowfall, Reading’s superb victory over faltering Liverpool at Anfield, and the ugly, muddy, mucky thaw taking place across Hampshire. However centre stage has to go to the picture sent to me via email by Jaroslav Bradac’s wife featuring a piece of his work. Thank you Mrs Bradac.

Regular readers of my Blog will recall Diane and I meeting with the wonderfully charismatic Jaroslav just a few weeks ago (See Jan 3rd Blog here if not) and our evening spent discussing his hobby as a cunt scupltur. This picture proves without doubt, that Jaroslav was genuine about his unique past time, and I must say I am very impressed with his work. This became even more apparent when I tried to replicate this masterpiece (see below) and came up with a loop the loop paper plane that resembled anything but a vagina, unless of course, it was depicting a botched sex change by a back street surgeon.
Whilst I can’t see why anyone would surreptitiously shuffle in to the bathroom with a piece of Jaroslav’s work, that’s not what it’s about, and I can now certainly see it’s artistic content, and the energy and skill he puts in to it. I really hope he was not offended by my uncontrolled laughing fit, which was a typical British reaction to the subject of genitalia, as I am kind of hoping he can do me one of David Cameron.

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