Is Football Homophobic?

Posted on February 15, 2010

I have just had a lovely weekend, taking in the theatre in Bagnor on Friday, an Indian meal on Saturday a lovely, if not freezing walk through the water meadows around Stockbridge yesterday followed by a lovely dinner. I also somehow found the time to take the boys to rousing cup tie at Reading (a 2-2 draw with West Brom) which restored my faith in the beautiful game, at least temporarily. It was firecracker of a game, and leads me smoothly in to my latest subject of controversy.

You may, or may not have witnessed last Friday, the clumsy way that the ironically camp sounding Players Union boss Gordon Taylor dealt with, and rejected calls to request Premiership teams to put forward a player each to promote homosexuality in football, by hilariously saying it was not up to players to come out in support of gay footballers. He quickly said he didn’t mean ‘come out’ as in the gay term, before getting himself in a complete pickle, but I did feel for him, because the interviewer tried to make out poor Taylor was actually Bernard Manning, when clearly he isn’t homophobic, but concerned whether a testosterone fuelled game like football should have to deal with an issue littered with danger.

The interviewer (Gabby Logan I think) argued that the same decisions had to be made with regards to black footballers, but that is surely a different argument, there are thousands upon thousands of black footballers, I really don’t think there are thousands of gay footballers, in my experience it just isn’t a game gay people are, in general, particularly interested in, and I really don’t think there are hundreds of gay footballers in the Premier League crying to come out and be accepted, though I stand to be corrected. I must admit that I only really know two gay people reasonably well, but the lives they and all their friends live revolves around fashion, partying, and artistic creativity, they couldn’t care less about football. In their lives they have far better things to do, so why do we have to make a deal of it.

I can remember, in my time of watching football, four players linked with being gay. Graeme Le Saux, because he was spotted reading The Guardian, Sol Campbell, who I saw in Pizza Express in Alresford on the arm of one of the classiest looking women I have ever seen (she wasn’t bottle blonde on page three, he must be gay!) Matt Upson who was apparently caught sucking Will Young’s cock outside a pub in Reading (a likely story) and the late Justin Fashanu who somewhat surprisingly came out shortly after having a relationship with Bet Lynch from Coronation Street. What the fuck that was all about, god only knows, but the poor bastard tragically topped himself a few years later after being ridiculed and disowned by his own Brother the perennial twat John Fashanu.

I don’t know if there are any gay men playing football, but if there are, I would assume that they would want to keep their private lives to themselves rather than face the vitriol of football fans. Why can’t they be left alone to get on with lives in peace, then it would be a non issue. As for asking footballers to come out in support of gays in football, forget it, they have nothing to gain from it but abuse.

All of the above is just a point view, no offence is intended (except to John Fahanu) and any comments are welcomed.

2 Replies to "Is Football Homophobic?"

  • Anonymous
    February 16, 2010 (8:49 am)

    Is football homophobic? No, but you are!!
    "their life revolves around fashion, partying and artistic creativity", "camp sounding"; these are pathetic stereotype comments. And then you make a poor joke about Darren BENT, hilarious. Don't pretend to offer serious comment when you're only after a cheap laugh.

  • Bob Lethaby's Blog
    February 16, 2010 (9:17 am)

    Thought that might cause a stir. so accusing Graeme Le Saux and Sol Campbell of being gay is not homophobia? I am not offering serious comment, just a light hearted view. Sorry it caused offence, but homophobic, not me, couldn't give a stuff what people do in their private life. Judge people as they are, that's what I say. Still, I suppose the world we live in means one word out of place and you are Jim Davidson, it's pathetic. I will remove the Darren Bent pun before I get arrested.

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