I Have Had Enough of Liverpool

Posted on October 18, 2010

A friend of mine was a bit critical of me at the weekend saying that I shouldn’t generalise about Liverpudlians. Maybe there are Liverpudlians out there that don’t think of their city as some sort Republic, independent from the rest of the UK, that deserves some sort of sympathy for what has gone wrong for their deluded, declining, shitty little football club. If there is, I wish they would stand up for themselves, because nearly everyone I know thinks you are a bunch of clowns, and even the guy who challenged my beliefs was only doing it to be Devils Advocate (mind you, he thinks Southampton belong in the Premier League for Christs sake).

From David Fairclough, to Phil Thomson, Ian Rush, Mark Lawrenson, and Alan Hansen, all we have heard is self pitying, and bleating on about the spirit of Shankly, and whingeing about the ousted owners Gillett and Hicks who have been stuffed for about £130 million in a stitched up enforced sale to John Henry. Hooray, the Scousers have got those Yanks out at last……………………oh dear, they have sold it to another one, who like Hicks and Gillett, wants to make money. That’s what corporate Americans do lads, don’t you get it? Can someone tell me why is none of the blame being heaped on David Moores who walked away with £89million from the sale to the original Americans………………because he is a Scouse with a tash does that make it okay?

Liverpool fans make me cringe, according to Scouse law Hillsborough was all the Police’s fault, and Heysel (which Scousers don’t like to talk about) was a tragic accident. Hillsborough was a terrible terrible tragedy, but why do we have to hear about it all the time? Bradford City don’t bleat on about the day when what was supposed to be a promotion party turned in to an inferno in which 56 people, including the girlfriend of Bradford striker, the likable Don Goodman, died whilst he was helpless on the pitch. Bradford as far as I can see, have made sure that these people will never be forgotten, but they have for their own sakes, moved on. Liverpudlians live in past rose tinted dreams of standing on The Kop singing Beatles songs as Shankly’s lads batter all comers out of sight. It’s pitiful and it’s boring.

The Bradford City fire in 1985 which killed 56 people

All you hear now at Anfield is huge vocal support for Kenny Dalglish, yes that’s him, the same Kenny Dalglish who walked away from Liverpool 19 years ago when the team he inherited from Bob paisley/Joe Fagan began to fade. After leaving Liverpool, Dalglish purchased the title for Blackburn then legged it, and followed it up with joke appointments at Newcastle and Celtic. Liverpool re-employing Dalglish is like Arsenal getting in George Graham, or Man United head hunting Ron Atkinson. Whilst others move forward Scousers live off past glories, and whilst they continue to do that, they will lag further behind, they are a joke.

They have got their way now, they have new owners, but whilst it is an easy option to blame those dastardly Americans, what about Rafa Benitez sharing a bit of it? Between 2004 and 2010 he spent £189million on transfers and received £107.5m in player sales, with a net spend of £82.5m. Will the much vilified Roy Hodgson get that to spend? Nope. Amongst the euphoria of the sale of the club, there have been no promises of investment from the new owners, and though I may be proved wrong, the words frying pan and fire spring to mind.

Liverpool think that because they used to win a lot of trophies it gives them special status, when in reality, it gives me great pleasure to say that they just aren’t famous any more. Why does it give me so much pleasure? Just think of Phil Thompson prattling on about Liverpool being an institution and religion, or Liverpool fans singing “We’re not English, we are Scouse” and you will begin to see where I am coming from.

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