Moving Over to the Twitterside

Posted on October 9, 2017

Over the last month or so I have been gradually been moving away from the joys of Facebook and utilising Twitter far more. I always thought that Twitter was for young trendy folk too ashamed to use Facebook; however, for wit, sharp writing and excellent instant information, it is in my opinion, streets ahead of Facebook.

I have also found that more and more people are not interested in Facebook anymore, which, with regards to me, is quite understandable, as I am not always the distributor of good news stories and I rarely discuss my kids, my relationship with Jennifer, my ailments, or what I am cooking. Read in to this as you wish, but all the aforementioned are pretty normal with the occasional notable achievement thrown in.

This is unfortunate for me, because any Facebook user has a degree of narcissism in them (including me) but unfortunately, the best way of gaining attention is through ‘first world’ status updates about your child finishing a commendable second in the sack race or the tenderness of the cod loin you have cooked to perfection.

If you really are on the edge of madness, offering 250 people (some you barely know) details of a relationship breakdown or a debilitating dose of the flu, will have the sympathy buttons racking up at an astonishing rate, whilst any news posted that could affect our political or economic landscape for decades, will only get a couple of likes if you are lucky. These will be from good friends who take pity on you as they picture you sat solemnly in front of your screen hopelessly waiting for someone to thank you for converting them.

Forget it, it won’t happen. If you want likes or sympathy you have to go for open statuses such as ‘WHAT NEXT?” or “HE WON’T EVEN SEE THE KIDS!” A picture of cake with “Nom, Nom” written under it will also go down well with some of your friends whilst others (the more sane ones) might be fantasizing about giving you a good shoeing.

There is nothing wrong with this kind of behaviour as far as I am concerned. Social media is there for all to use and it is a phenomenal tool to share pictures as well as setting up individual events groups for community or sports clubs that can only be viewed by members who are actually interesting in what you are doing.

However, since we exited the European Union most of the people I enjoyed reading and sharing stuff with on Facebook have disappeared. Those fervent supporters of an EU Exit have grown fed up of saying “FUCKING SHUT UP, YOU LOST, GET OVER IT!”  whilst those who wished to remain in the union have got fed up asking what actual law, border and changes, made people want to leave, only to be told “FUCKING SHUT UP, YOU LOST, GET OVER IT”.

The Referendum wrecked rational debate on Facebook, so now no one bothers, apart from occasionally showing disgust at pictures of some fucked up American celebrating with a rifle and a giraffe with a bullet hole in its skull. It’s funny how we are fed up hearing about decisions that will affect security and economics for our children, yet an animal killed by a maniac can cause so much more outrage. Each to their own but in the worry department of my brain, the giraffe needs to take second billing to FT reports that £18 Billion of the £25 billion Brexit ‘war chest’ has just been wiped out.

One of the startling things that happened after the 2016 election is that the Brexit folk seemed a lot angrier than folk who voted to remain. In fact so angry, it would appear that many of them have either disappeared or have not yet repaired the computer screen they put their foot through when they realised they weren’t getting the £350 million a week for the NHS but a £20 + billion divorce bill. Still they go on; I heard some chap on the radio this morning saying that remainers stopped existing the day after the referendum as this is when they became traitors.

Whatever the case with Brexit, it’s a shame, as there used to be (Facebook nostalgia, who’d have thunk it?) some great honest debate amongst all the fun stuff like holiday photographs or me pissing people off with pictures of my dog walks whilst everyone else is working. What I found saddest of all, was someone telling me they could no longer post even a hint of criticism of royalty or the government as it might cost them business.

However, whilst almost everyone has censored themselves (not Stephen Fuller) to only happy stuff on Facebook, Twitter is unrelenting in its honesty and fast flowing news, sport and political debates. I really enjoy it as it is quite liberating feeling like I can write what I like without upsetting people or potentially losing customers. It is also really funny at times, forcing the poster to be creative with the maximum 140 characters available for each post.

So, from now on I will be only indulging in nice stuff on Facebook but for those who like this blog, I will still post it in the separate page as well as any links to other articles that might not suit the Facebook mainstream. The music page will stay as well because I think is great and really well used by a lot of you who are reading this. In case you might be interested, or may also want to convert, my Twitter name is @lethaby1967.

I will leave you with a picture of my tea I made with my own fair hand. It is Sainsbury’s ‘Taste the Difference’ (the difference to what?) yellowfin tuna, lime & coriander fishcakes, accompanied by boiled new potatoes, carrots and garden peas, all complimented by a lump of Lurpak butter and mixed herbs.

Nom, nom.


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