Is the World About to be Taken Over by Millie Tants?

Posted on January 30, 2018

So, Phil Neville came out and apologised today and said he definitely wasn’t sexist. Definitely not, never, ever.

I am not sure what sort of reassurance folk were looking for as he is not going to come out and say, “Yep, I’m a sexist, that’s why I took the job, so I could get on with being one”.

Ex-Footballer, Frank Lampard, came on the radio yesterday (Radio 5) and stated that as far as he is aware, Philip Neville is not a sexist, as did Neville’s wife, his sister (the England Women’s Netball coach) and virtually every person who has ever met him.

So far, not one of the England football women’s team have objected to his appointment. They are more delighted it seems, as their game has got to a level where an ex-Manchester United and England footballer is interested, dare I say it, delighted to get the role of managing them.

However, that is not good enough for some people as to them, a silly tweet about his wife six years ago, makes him inappropriate person to be around female footballers.

I hold no candle for Phil Neville as coach, player, or pundit, but I can say with a high degree of certainty that he has not taken the role just to act out his misogynistic fantasies in a high profile manner.

Now, if Fran Kirby misses an open goal and he says “typical woman, got all stressy when she got the chance to win the game”, I will happily sit here stuffing humble pie down my face and write a grovelling apology to anyone who asks.

But that’s not going to happen is it? Much to the disappointment of the Millie Tants of this world looking for any excuse to wreck the lives of people who like having fun or simply just trying to gt on with life.

Millie Tant from Viz Magazine

We have to start being very careful here as everything could get out of hand pretty quickly. No one wants to live in a world of odorous raping film executives, and fat perverted Presidents with Piers Morgan’s slimy head rammed up their arses, but for crying out loud, most men are decent guys who sometimes find women attractive and get all clumsy about it.

Leave them alone for goodness sake, or we will end up in world without errors of judgement that make all of us (men and women) vulnerable and funny as well as kind and romantic. Our flaws and lack of judgement are what make us and are what also makes great comedy and drama.

If we carry on like this, men will be walking about in a state of paranoia about offering flattery without getting arrested just because some maniac in dungarees has lost the plot with what she defines as sexism.

She wouldn’t be the only one who has lost the plot, I haven’t got a clue where we are at with it to be honest. Maybe someone needs to put in place some firm definitions before innocent men start getting tasered for calling their wife a daft cow for turning the thermostat up to 30 centigrade when it’s a bit chilly.

Then what, would repressed men start fighting back? Will a woman need to watch her step when calling her partner a useless and forgetful dickhead when he forgets to lock the door or put the bins out? I mean it can get a bit demeaning being useless and getting reminded of it, can’t it?

If everything was taken in a literal sense, I and virtually all my friends with partners or wives could be arrested for verbally abusing each other every day.

However, we express ourselves with exaggeration and sarcasm, so it is not the words that are said that are sexist or misogynist, it is the way they are delivered that has the impact.

That means a Tweet or a Facebook post can be viewed in any number of ways and taken out of context.

Anyone confused?




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