Was That Johnson’s Last Hurrah? He Won’t Think So!

Posted on July 11, 2018

Someone on the radio this morning said how bizarre it seemed that we have a modern football manager overseeing a young, vibrant and humble World Cup squad in Russia, whilst back at home we have a rudderless government where those trying to find something economically sane to cling on to after Brexit, are getting stabbed in the back by lunatics like Boris Johnson, probably the biggest self serving bastard in 21st Century politics.

During the now famous Chequers meeting last Friday, it was pretty obvious what Theresa May was trying to fudge together a soft Brexit package she could take to the EU. She would have taken economic advice, very good economic advice at that, and she and her allies would have concluded that a ‘Soft Brexit’ was the only hope of avoiding a severe financial downturn.

As someone clinging to power by her fingernails, she has no choice because if the economy grinds to a halt, she is toast and there would be a right-wing takeover of the Conservative Party and Lord only knows where we would end up. What is certain, is whilst Remain voters may have been celebrating all the chaos within the Conservative Party yesterday, business leaders were not, as there is still a very real threat of a right-wing coup and a calamitous ‘No Deal’ exit from the EU with bad feeling and resentment all over the shop.

Theresa May has to go through with her ideology now, any shifting of the goal posts and she will have to walk. What I want to know is why, despite the economic chaos it will cause, do people like Johnson and Rees Mogg want a ‘No Deal’ so badly?

It has to be for self-serving and self-preserving reasons due to the EU expanding plans to curtail tax evasion and money laundering. The right wing element of the Conservative Party is brimming with shadowy figures with dubious interests in organisations that operate on the edge of the law when it comes corporate responsibility and tax avoidance, so maybe that is where the answer lies? That is why they get so much support in the media, with all the press barons who support them tied into the same unsavory corporations that will do anything to protect themselves, including sacrificing the economy and blaming others for it.

What makes it clever is that it is so obvious what they are doing, it almost feels implausible.

The list of reasons Boris could have been sacked for is endless. There is the awful situation with a woman in an Iranian prison, the constant slagging off of the PM’s Brexit plans despite not having one himself, joking about dead Libyans, lying about Novichok tests and making up outlandish tales about NHS funding post-brexit. These are all just as Foreign Minister and don’t include forcing mistresses into abortions, lying to parliament and threatening to have journalists beaten up. The man is an absolute shyster.

Yet, despite this, you can bet he still fancies his chances in right-wing coup against Theresa May’s faltering government that she leads with the confidence of my good self entering an algebra contest. She is without charisma, drive, passion, or any idea how she can shut down the madmen in her party who work on behalf of the barons who want to crush protective laws and relieve themselves of any obligations with human and workers rights as well as industrial scale tax evasion and selling off of public services.

It is vital to the future of Britain that a centre-right or centre left government takes control of this situation and rips it out of the hands of a loud minority of opportunist MP’s who galvanising themselves for what would be the most damaging period in British history for a century. They need to remind them that they are a minority and tell them to shut up or bugger off but for some reason, David Cameron and Theresa May have never had the strength of character to do so.

Why that is the case, I just don’t know? It is probably because of the backlash they will receive in offshore based media groups such as The Mail, The Telegraph, The Sun and The Express. Someone with a strong personality needs to be big enough not to be dictated to by these mobsters.

The masses need to grow a pair too.

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