How the Tale of Mourinho Sums Up the British Mindset!

Posted on December 18, 2018

When I was listening to Radio 5 today, there was a phone in about the spending crisis in the retail industry and what was causing it (I thought it was obvious).

Larry, from Reading, was about to have his say, when, suddenly, he was interrupted by Nicky Campbell with the news that Jose Mourinho had been sacked by Manchester United.

Radio 5 then ruthlessly abandoned the retail analyst studio guest and went into full Mourinho mode.

It didn’t stop; it was what I would imagine the radio stations will be like when the Queen croaks it, because all other news was put into the background. Theresa May must have been dancing around Downing Street (not dancing again, please!?).

Abandoned news included a statement that the Government were preparing for a ‘No Deal Brexit’ by putting the army on standby whilst finding another £2 Billion from the magic money tree that we were once told didn’t exist. That’s big news, not as big as Jose news.

In my opinion, this was evidence that for millions of people in this green and pleasant land, football is more important than one of the biggest geopolitical and socio-economic shifts in the history of the United Kingdom.

That’s fair enough, it’s not down to me to define what individuals perceive as more important, after all, I only went to The Hurst Secondary School, and I wasn’t a very good student at that.

However, in my opinion, it just goes to prove that millions of people were allowed to vote on something that will have a huge impact on the future of the UK when, in reality, the fate of Jose Mourinho is more important to them.

The Mourinho sacking is big news in the sporting world and his fall from grace is an intriguing insight into how an aura can be punctured and laid to waste, but the media storm around it was bizarre beyond my comprehension.

So, the moral of this story is that MP’s are voted into their constituencies, into the government and onto the front and opposition benches, to make the right decisions for the UK on complex issues (the EU for instance).

If the Government fails, the opposition gets its chance after four years campaigning and generally, Britain stays free of extremism and stupid people making brainless decisions based on the fact they got spurned by the Polish barmaid down at the local pub.

By allowing elected members of parliament to make important decisions on our future, the masses can concentrate on who replaces Jose Mourinho (George Osborne?) at Manchester United.

They can do this rather than fucking up the country just because they had a bad kebab (after 12 pints) and had read a story in The Daily Express that 10 million Turkish rapists were coming over here to steal their jobs (in between raping).

That of course, depends if the Turks ever got EU status and even then they would have to get through the ‘350 MILE WALL OFF SNOW’ set to batter Britain for ‘100 DAYS!’.

Thank the Lord we aren’t a nation of fuckwitts.

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