The Rise of Jess Phillips!

Posted on December 14, 2018

With the Brexit shambles continuing, it has been a tough week for anyone looking for a bit of hope and trust from parliament figures.

The Conservative Party have been utterly useless, with Theresa May only having pig headed fortitude as her final and desperate attribute.

She has gained sympathy this week as her own party members turned on her, but if we are to be honest, if she was the head of any business, she would have been moved aside by now. She may have fortitude but her whole tenure as PM has been full of lies, errors of judgement and clumsy policy that smacks of a deep-seated disdain for foreigners.

She has survived because all around her there is ineptitude and toxicity. The ineptitude comes from a former Brexit secretary who didn’t fully understand that Britain is an island and a Northern Ireland secretary who was amazed to discover that in that region, nationalists don’t support loyalist MP’s and vice versa.

It makes you wonder if some of these clowns were by chance, walking past parliament square and were grabbed by one of May’s assistants who said, ‘You’ll do, come with me’.

The toxicity comes from poisonous defectors like John Redwood, Ian Duncan Smith and Jacob Rees Mogg. They are vile, self-serving individuals who are rancid with bitterness about failed leadership efforts, past and present, and we should be thankful that the parliamentary voting system over Brexit will not allow them to rise.

So, we look over to the Labour party for inspiration and we see, Jeremy Corbyn, Barry Gardner, John McDonnell and Diane Abbott, all well-meaning, but unappealing and ignorant to the fact that they lack strength in leadership in a situation that should see them 20 points ahead in the opinion polls and as a government in waiting.

I was giving up hope and in a desperate situation where the only politicians who seemed to talk sense were those released from the shackles of ambition. Ken Clarke, Michael Hesseltine and John Major, all Tories, the only people who seem to talk any sense.

Then out of nowhere, seizing an opportunity to fight for one of her causes, Jess Phillips stepped forward in the house to highlight the most Tory of Tory acts of behaviour that was hidden under the utter chaos of a shambolic week that would be hilarious if it wasn’t desperate.

That’s right, Theresa May’s advisors, in an act of desperation lower than the belly of a snake, handed the whip back to a pair of sex text perverts who are suspended by the party, one of whom who sent over 2,000 texts including one asking if a woman liked a good beating.

What sort of morals does that portray in the Conservative Party?

Jess Phillips has always impressed me. A Birmingham girl who says it how it is and is always witty and informative on BBC shows like QT and HIGNFY, she is not frightened to expose what should be a political scandal, despite everyone being more concerned with the Brexit withdrawal.

Let’s be factual here. The Conservative Party advisors to Theresa May, made a calculated decision that it was okay, amongst all the Brexit chaos, to allow two suspended perverts to regain their whip on the day the PM was clinging to power and looking for votes.

If anyone thinks that is reasonable behaviour, please delete me from your friends list.

If you look at the career and background of Jess Phillips, she is what the public claim that they want, despite evidence to suggest that they would rather fawn all over that fat, lying rogue, Boris Johnson.

She comes from a humble background, she fights for the rights of normal people, she says what she believes in the face of abuse and she will stand up in parliament and ensure that filthy Tory perverts are exposed, and so is their party for readmitting them in the most desperate circumstances.

If that wasn’t enough, when asked in the Huffingdon Post what she had said to Diane Abbott when they had a spat over lack of women in the cabinet, Phillips replied, “I roundly told her to fuck off!”

The rise of Jess Phillips appears to have come too late to make the Labour Party a force for common sense in the preposterous Brexit shambles, but for anyone who really cares about the rights and common good of ordinary folk, she at least offers some hope for the future.

What that future is, I just don’t know.

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