Gut Feelings Coming to Fruition!

Posted on March 11, 2019

Anyone who runs a small business will know what I am getting at here. When something doesn’t feel right and you have gone for it regardless, it is nearly always a mistake. It is a kind of sixth sense that with time, you learn to utilise.

I had that same feeling with Brexit. There was something not right about those in power who were campaigning for it so aggressively. Anyone who has followed this hopeless withdrawal with any depth, now knows why.

From the Kremlin to the Cayman Islands

Anyone not suspicious of the Brexit delight coming from the Kremlin to The Cayman Islands, needs a word with themselves. The agenda with the Brexit campaign was to convince nostalgia merchants and racists (of varying levels) of one thing. They were getting back a golden era that never existed (unless you were stinking rich). Brexit leaders succeeded with what is now known to be an illegal and false campaign.

There is no golden new beginning. It is now obvious that Brexit was all about British offshore billionaires slamming the door in the face of the HMRC and anti-corruption agencies. The irony is that those opposed to this kind of economically damaging behaviour are deemed unpatriotic.

Anne Applebaum

I was reading an article I was sent by email (thanks Colin) written by Anne Applebaum in the Washington Post today. It was interesting to see how outsiders see the UK. This is what she said.

The truth is that Britain has become a place where untransparent money, from unknown sources, is widely accepted with a complacent shrug. London is the world capital of offshore banking, home to the most sophisticated accountants and lawyers; a third of British billionaires have availed themselves of those services and moved their money beyond the reach of the state, according to a report Thursday in the Times of London. Many of them nevertheless continue to make donations to British political parties, and many continue to lobby to keep the rules that favor them exactly as they are”.

How pleasant that we are nation that operates in such a way. Everyone should know this but if you try to tell them, you are a conspiracy theorist or a Corbynista. I am neither. However, I don’t want to live in a country where the rule makers are those who do not pay taxes. These are people who believe that everything has a price, including public services. In power, these bastards would deregulate and sell their kids if there was money in it.

The Brexit Financiers Real Ideology

The ideology of the financiers behind Brexit, is to protect themselves from tougher regulation on tax avoidance. They also have no time for the environment and civil/workers rights. Is it purely coincidence that the EU, since Brexit, has been increasing the powers of authorities to stop aggressive tax avoidance?

The political class in Britain are prepared to dance with the tax avoiders because they have no choice. They have been funded by the same people funding Brexit. To make it worse, Putin’s Russia are loving every minute of it. They see this as the start of of a disunited and weakened Europe. It is no longer the stuff of their wildest dreams.

I will finish this post once again, with the words of Anne Applebaum.

“British industry might suffer after Brexit, and British power will be reduced. But the grey zone — where politics meets money, where foreign money can become domestic, where assets can be hidden and connections concealed — will survive. Perhaps that was the point all along”.

How patriotic these billionaires are.

You can read the full Anne Applebaum article by clicking here.

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