Mark Francois – Fat Little Gammon Squirt

Posted on March 8, 2019

I have had not much time to write blogs this week. This is because I have been trying to drum up some non existent business from my clients who are making redundancies.

Asking your clients to recruit people when they are making redundancies is a bit like knocking on an igloo door and saying “Good morning , would you like to see our new ice and snow product range?”

Of course, this severe downturn many of my clients are experiencing, is nothing to do with Brexit. The problem is electric cars. I know, I know, I don’t work in the car industry, but it has to be that what’s causing it. It can’t be Brexit, it’s not allowed to be.

That’s where we are at now. Brexiteers in a state of utter denial. They are like Michael Jackson fans. You know, the ones who think it is perfectly normal to build a children’s amusement park and invite kids round for a sleepover.

King of these utter gammon retards is MP, Mark Francois, the personification for a total cunt if there ever was one. He was on a BBC politics show today in such a state of utter denial that it beggared belief.

I’m not joking here. Mark Francois actually made up what he wished Will Self had said, and then got offended by it. That’s right, the loathsome little jerk got offended by his own words. Check this again. Mark Francois, a man who says people are too easily offended these days, got offended by something that was the figment of his imagination.

What Will Welf said was that whilst all Brexit voters were not racists all racists were Brexit voters. Francois demanded that Will Self apologised to 17.4 million people. He clearly was not listening or he is as thick as the excrement of an overfed pig. I’m going to stick my neck out here and say he’s probably both.

Anyway, the stare down at the end of the conversation was a piece of comedy gold. I’m no particular fan of Will Self normally but in a face off with this pork faced little squirt, he was an absolute star. He destroyed the little scrote.

You can watch the Mark Francois v Will Self row by clicking on the link below.

Have a nice weekend!

19 Replies to "Mark Francois - Fat Little Gammon Squirt"

  • Jim
    March 18, 2019 (5:07 pm)

    Fat Little Gammon Squirt- the perfect description of the arrogant lard bucket

  • John Walton
    April 1, 2019 (12:38 am)

    Spot on

  • Steve
    April 11, 2019 (9:11 am)

    I googled “Mark Francois cunt” and found your blog. It made my day.

  • Very unbrexit dahling
    April 16, 2019 (7:43 pm)

    Very nice. I googled as above to boost your search rankings 😉 Just a tiny welfie typo x

  • Charly
    June 6, 2019 (10:28 pm)

    Little fat pseudo ex army catering twat ?

    • Chris Oakley
      September 25, 2019 (12:23 am)

      I think you’ll find he’s an ex- territorial army catering twat. I did 2 years in the cadets, but you don’t hear me boasting about my military record, unlike private Francois.

  • Tom
    June 11, 2019 (10:49 pm)

    Hahaha, I googled Mark Francois twat. The sad thing is that people actually voted for this piece of shit to represent them. Labotomise the lot of them.

  • RichS
    June 22, 2019 (4:51 pm)

    That Google search for Mark Francois+cunt paid off for me too! Unbelievably thick-as-shit cretin, but terrifying in his stupidity, rather than pitiable.

  • Wozlor
    July 25, 2019 (10:48 pm)

    Just watching this bell end on news night, had no idea who this cunt was, thanks for informing me – just another of boris’s cackling cavalcade of cunts…

  • Mark Piggy Francois
    July 26, 2019 (8:26 pm)

    He has a sweaty arse crack and tries to mask the vile smell with Brut 33

  • jose
    July 27, 2019 (12:04 pm)

    Also searched for Mark Francois cunt..
    This kind of blinkered blue blood bastard twat should have been drowned at birth the problem with the UK ..still wants the imperial days to return so he can be an even bigger cunt…

  • GDB
    August 8, 2019 (6:23 pm)

    Mark Francois…. his middle name is Gino – and he has a mother born in Italy. great qualification for brexit advocate……

  • anon
    August 10, 2019 (6:10 pm)

    I also searched google for “mark francois cunt” and ended up here! LOL!!

  • Mike
    September 30, 2019 (8:11 pm)

    also googled Mark Francois cunt. Kind of an odd search I have to say but glad to have the confirmation I was looking for…

  • Ian Penney
    October 29, 2019 (11:03 pm)

    I recently saw a BBC news clip featuring MF. He politely (in his own inimitable style) answered the interviewer’s questions after which he was filmed walking away from camera. My immediate reaction was to think: there’s goes the living embodiment of Mr. Toad. I’ve never seen such a pompous, conceited, deluded little twat in all my existence. It beats me how ANYONE (politics aside) can vote for such a pathetic little man.

  • soonbedead punter
    January 17, 2020 (1:37 pm)

    I googled “Mark Francois twat” and found this blog, horay !
    Sadly we’re screwed anyway – especially with 3/4 of the world population believing in a magic person who lives in the sky. . . .

  • Dr Martin A Coleman
    January 17, 2020 (11:10 pm)

    Ring out the bells for Brexit you idiotic morons!

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